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California spousal support is determined by the length of the marriage, the roles played in supporting each other during the marriage, the incomes of each spouse, and is based on a variety of financial and lifestyle factors. The Judge deciding the question of spousal support considers factors such as the earning capacity of both parties, the marketable skills of the party seeking spousal support, the marital standard of living, the future earning capacity due to periods of unemployment during the marriage, contributions made by the spouse toward the education of the other spouse, and the debts and financial assets of both parties. It takes expertise and experience to untangle such legal and financial intricacies while protecting your interests. Feinberg & Waller has been recognized for many years as a prominent family law firm serving the legal needs of communities throughout Los Angeles County. The firm is known throughout Southern California for its skilled, effective, well-crafted and refined legal presentations.

California spousal support can be awarded as two types: permanent and temporary. Permanent support is awarded at the end of the divorce process going forward, while temporary support is designed to maintain the existing situation during the divorce process. Feinberg & Waller gives careful attention to the determination of permanent or temporary support, understanding that both are critical to the needs and abilities of the parties. The attorneys analyze your situation and develop solutions tailored to your specific needs. Each attorney at Feinberg & Waller is an articulate, business-savvy writer and litigator. Throughout the representation the attorneys will perform an ongoing cost/benefit analysis, keeping you apprised of the costs of litigation to enable you to continually maximize your resources and place you in a position to make reasoned decisions.

Not only do the attorneys of Feinberg & Waller fight for equitable spousal support arrangements during divorce, the attorneys can also help modify your originally-ordered spousal support. This comes into play when your lifestyle or income has changed since your existing California spousal support was ordered. Feinberg & Waller’s lawyers wants you to know that under appropriate circumstances, you are entitled to seek a modification to your existing spousal support award and that you are entitled to seek enforcement of existing orders as well. The legal team at Feinberg & Waller has the talent and skill to negotiate the results you deserve and the ability to obtain those results through legal advocacy. Feinberg & Waller understands that your divorce is more than simply a matter of dividing assets – it is a critical decision with a tremendous impact on your life and those around you.

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